Beta Polypulsar

Yieldfarming with NFT gaming
Beta Polypulsar is our 3rd project, but it is the first one on Polygon. Beta layer was originally launched on BSC; however, it didn't perform well enough due to high gas fees. That is why we decided to launch an improved version of it on Polygon.
Beta Polypulsar is a yield farming project with NFT gaming. This project aims to integrate farming experience with blockchain games in a way that it will reward players.
Beta Polypulsar has a PvE and a PvP game with a unique model of rewarding players. This will be the first yieldfarm where the deposit fees are directly sent to users by means of a leaderboard. Since our games have already proven to be great deflation mechanics on BSC (see the holders below for BPUL and BNT), we have decided to promote playing the games even further with daily rewards of USDC and native tokens.
BPUL burn amount on BSC on June 12
BNT burn amount on BSC on June 12
As it can be seen in the pictures, we have achieved burn rates which has never been done before by any other yield farming platform. Now, we are going to do it much more efficiently on Polygon with affordable gas fees and better rewards for those who engage with our platform.