Beta Pulsar Launch
Beta Pulsar (BPUL) launch will be quite different than Alpha Pulsar. The liquidity for Beta Pulsar will be added on Friday, May 21 at 8 p.m. UTC
Check the countdown and the new web page here:​
The total amount of Beta Pulsars before the launch will be 15,000. People who bought NFTs will get 10,000 and our team will provide liquidity with $5,000 and 5000 BPUL; this amount will shared equally between BUSD and BNB pools.
We will not mint anything for the team; our team have been buying NFTs like all others to be involved in Beta fair launch. The initial liquidity of 5,000 Beta will be locked in DXsale, so It will not have any effects on the circulating supply.
There will be a time gap between the fair launch and farming launch; therefore, beta owners will have more than enough time (approximately 1 week) to trade their tokens.
How to Claim Your Beta Tokens?
Beta tokens will be available on our web page immediately after we provide liquidity. All you need to do is to go NFT marketplace and click the button "claim" to get your Beta tokens. Your cumulative rewards are already calculated by our smart contract, and you will get them with a single click. We do not distribute Beta Pulsars before the liquidity because it could allow some people to create liquidity before we can, and steal money from other investors.
Beta Layer Features
  • 4% Transfer fee feature (Done)
  • Harvest lock (Done)
  • Anti whale - You cannot sell/buy more than 1% of circulating supply (done)
  • Masterchef (Done)
  • New UI design (Done)
  • New UI buttons (In progress)
  • Bounty Hunter - NFT game contract (In progress)
  • Token and Masterchef Audit
  • Beta Liquidity (Counting Down)
  • NFT game contract Audit
  • Beta farming
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