NFT Marketplace
We have aims to build an NFT ecosystem with a secondary marketplace in the future where our investors can trade their NFTs and enjoy some privileges.
For the moment, our NFT marketplace will be limited with the sales of Pulsar collectibles
NFT Features - Private Sale NFTs
  • We have four tiers of Pulsar NFTs; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.
  • There are 250 NFTs for each tier, so the max supply of NFTs is 1000.
  • Each NFT costs 50 Pulsar tokens regardless of their tier. Yes, you should buy the Platinum Edition first if it is still available.
  • 70% of NFT income will be reserved for Beta Pulsar liquidity, and 30% will be burnt. (Our team gets nothing). The liquidity amount is safe because we will be paying for a rug insurance (check the relevant page).
  • The accounts who buy these collectibles will be rewarded with Beta Pulsar tokens which will be the native token of our second yield farm project. Each Beta Pulsar will be priced $1 during the initial liquidity. See the amount of reward tokens for each NFT tier in the table below.
  • You can buy multiple NFTs, and your rewards will be calculated accordingly.
  • Our team will only mint Beta Pulsar to provide initial liquidity (we will not mint any tokens for ourselves), so you might consider these NFTs as a private sale for our second project.
  • NFT sales are irreversible; once you purchase it you cannot get a refund.
  • You can only claim your reward tokens after we provide liquidity for the second project. We do not distribute rewards immediately in order to prevent people from providing liquidity before us.
Buying these NFTs will require a fine strategy. If you find out that your pulsar token is not worth selling, you will be able to buy these NFTs to have new tokens for a new farm. However, higher tiers give more rewards and there is a maximum supply; for this reason, If you wait too long before you buy an NFT, you might not get the best deal, which is Platinum Pulsar. And if you buy it too early, while the price of Pulsar is high in BUSD, you risk overpaying. Our community will have to decide the best time to buy NFTs to get best rewards, and we hope it will be an exciting experience for all.
Bronze Pulsar
Silver Pulsar
Gold Pulsar
Platinum Pulsar
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