Genesis Layer - Pulsar Farm
  • Farms and Pools (done)
  • Design with animated background (done)
  • Custom NFT contract for utility NFTs (done)
  • Audits (done)
  • NFT art marketplace (This feature is complete but we will activate it later because you cannot sell our NFTs in other platfroms yet)
Beta Layer - Beta Pulsar Farm
  • 4% Transfer fee feature (Done)
  • Harvest lock (Done)
  • Anti whale - You cannot sell/buy more than 1% of circulating supply (done)
  • Masterchef (Done)
  • New UI design (Done)
  • New UI buttons (In progress)
  • Bounty Hunter - NFT game contract (In progress)
  • Token and Masterchef Audit
  • Beta Liquidity
  • NFT game contract Audit
  • Beta farming
Gamma Layer - Gamma Pulsar Farm
This layer will only be activated if Beta layer cannot sustain while we develop our big project. If gamma transition is activated, it will try to implement some of features from the final layer. If Gamma cannot sustain before we finish developing the final layer, Delta will be launched and so on. We will also consider new features requested by our community if we have to start a new layer.
Final Layer (MMORPG NFT Game)
  • Game Lore (Done)
  • NFT Marketplace (Done)
  • NFT Characters (In progress)
  • NFT lands on game map (In progress)
  • Tokenization of game assets
  • NFT staking
  • NFT PVE features
  • NFT PVP features
  • Secondary marketplace to buy and sell NFT lands and characters
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