All hail The Rug Doctor!
We have two audits so far. Our Token and Masterchef contracts are audited by The Rug Doctor. And our NFT contract has been audited by Techrate (We are still in the process of having a full audit). Here are our audits:
Our Token and Masterchef contracts do not even need auditing because it is a hard fork of goose which was audited multiple times. You can use the difference checker below to compare it to Goose Finance:
However, we understand that our word is not enough, and DYOR could be troublesome. That is why we have collaborated with the best group on DEFI advising investors against the risks of yield farms. They are continuously checking projects for malicious functions and warning people against possible rug attempts. Our contracts are checked by The Rug Doctor, who is one of the admins in the group. You can see this report above.
Feel free to join their telegram channel, ask questions, and share your experience.
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