Deflationary Mechanics
Pulsar Farm does not have a max supply and has three deflationary mechanics.
A 4% burn fee will be charged for staking in non-native pools and farms;
3/4 of the fees will be used for buybacks, and 1/4 will be sent to dev address for future projects and marketing.
NFT Collectible Sales
One of our strengths is our desire and ability to mint original ideas into NFTs. Users will be able to buy Pulsar themed NFTs from our marketplace to receive beta pulsar tokens for the next project. These NFTs will function as a private sale for the next project we will create. Every time a user buys a pulsar NFT 70% of the tokens will be sold and reserved for liquidity for the 2nd project, and 30% of the payment will be burnt. Price of our collectible NFTs is determined to be 50 Pulsar. Since we will have a supply of 1000 NFTs, we will be burning 15,000 Pulsar Tokens in total if all the NFTs are sold. However, the priority in NFT sales will be to secure the liquidity (%70 of sales) for our second project.
NFT Art Sales
Our team is very attentive about applying deflationary models. For this reason, we will also be offering special edition NFTs for our users. These NFTs will not have any utility for now, but 100% of the Pulsar tokens from NFT art sales will be burnt. Again, our team will not get any money from NFT sales.
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