Layered Projects
This system will allow us to have a community driven economy without the threat from bots and whales. First layered project is planned to be called Beta Pulsar. Users who buy an NFT in our first yield farm will be rewarded with Beta Pulsar tokens, and they will not have to worry about buying early before the price pumps. In other words, buying a cool pulsar NFT means buying from a pre-sale, and you can keep your NFTs after your claim your rewards. *Please note that only the accounts which buy the NFTs will be given rewards, transferring them to another account does transfer the ownership of reward tokens.
Beta Pulsar - The first layered project
Each layered project will reward the buyers of NFTs. Beta price will be $1 at start. The opening price of $1 might not seem much, but you all know how quickly this price gets pumped after the liquidity is added. Moreover, since you will be able to claim your beta pulsar tokens immediately after we provide the liquidity, you can either sell them for a good profit or use them to farm and invest for the next project in the layer.
The dates for the launch of our layered project will be announced after the NFT sales are over. Each layered project will present new features, new deflationary mechanics and new NFTs. We will keep developing our projects until we build a project which is self sustainable like pancakeswap or bakeryswap.
New Features
I would also like to give you some details about the new features. Our first goal for the second project will be to implement new deflationary mechanics to prevent inflation and dump. We are currently working on features like harvest lock, transfer fees, vaults, NFT lootboxes, and mini games. Our team will release an enhanced project once the Alpha Pulsar stops burning bright.
More details are coming soon.
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