Gamma Polypulsar
Gamma Polypulsar
Gamma Polypulsar is a hybrid platform for yield farming and blockchain gaming. This is the 4th layer in our journey to create an MMORPG game on blockchain. The reason for the launch of this layer is to increase security measures with our game contracts and add an additional PvE game which will bring a real utility for our native tokens. (See Polygalactic Hunter) Polypulsar project has been by far the most successful one on Polygon network in terms of deflationary mechanisms. During the beta layer, burn rates stayed above 60% and when we finished the layer, the price of our tokens were 9x higher than the day we started. In other words, we have proven our ability to control inflation with our hybrid model, and now, we are taking it a step forward to provide better sustainability and growth.
Gamma Polypulsar will offer:
At launch:
  • Yield farming
  • PvE: Bounty Hunter
  • PvE: Polygalactic Hunter
  • PvP: Pulsarena
After launch:
  • Secondary marketplace
  • A Dungeons & Dragons game with NFT item drops
  • A new pvp game which can be played with equipped items
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