Gamma Polypulsar
Rug Insurance
We understand that DEFI is full of untrustworthy people, and we cannot expect people to blindly trust us before we prove ourselves. Our team has long considered methods to protect our investors' interests; this is why we came up with a new model for fair launch. Unfortunately, while this model protects our investors against bots and whales, it leaves them vulnerable against us since the money earned by the sale needs to be added to the liquidity pool manually (Please refer to New Model for Fair Launch). That is why we came up with a Rug Insurance model! We believe that many other farms, especially the new projects, will follow our example in the future. So here is how it works: Before the liquidity is added, we have sent $10,000 to The Rug Doctor, the founder of Rug Doc community, to keep our money as an insurance against us! Yes, we are protecting you from ourselves because one of your worst enemy in DEFI is a rug-pull project. If our team tries to steal funds from investors at any part of the project, this money will be confiscated and shared between the investors. Insurance address on BSC (0x28c73831eeaBD775Ea541CA9c4EfE8BE312D9B92)
*Rug Doc is a prestigious group trying to protect people against rug pulls. They also have a great list of safe farms, which they update very frequently. Please visit them on Telegram and do not hesitate to ask questions: We accept responsibility for the confiscation of funds in these situations only: 1- If we do not spend the funds from NFT sales for the project (adding liquidity and marketing). 2- If we take money for ourselves from the sales of utility NFT, transfer tax, NFT characters or pets, the money in insurance fund will be confiscated.
3- If we use any methods to try or drain the funds in liquidity pools, the money in the insurance fund will be confiscated.
4- If we do not spend 4/3 of deposit fees as promised in the gitbook page (e.g. rewarding players on the leaderboard and buybacks).
5- If we are involved in any other activity which can be classified as soft or hard rug by Rugsteemer community standards.
The following cases are beyond our control and we accept no responsibility for any losses: 1- Community dumping on each other: We cannot control the price. if people want to sell, the price would drop and you might lose money. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose and always do your research (DYOR). This is a yield farm and the price will be volatile.
2- DDOS attacks. Such attacks have no threat over the funds staked in our contracts but our web site might experience down time. Such cases might lead to panic for investors and a dump in price.
3- Attacks by hackers to exploit contracts. Our contracts are audited but there are some examples where even the audited contracts were exploited before. Although this is highly unlikely, it is another issue beyond our control.
4- We do not pay for your mistakes. If you lose money because you made a bad investment, bought a fake token, or got scammed by another member, the responsibility is yours.
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