Gamma Polypulsar
Deflationary Mechanics
Inflation is the main reason for the death of almost all projects. We are determined to overcome this cruel fate in our project. Gamma Pulsar Project will take example of the successful model of Beta layer and add on it. As Pulsar team, we are pretty confident that Gamma will have the best tokenomics on Polygon network. Here you can see a full list of our mechanics to stop inflation:

1- Deposit Fees (Changed Policy)

There will be a deposit fee of 4% for non native tokens. 2/4 of deposit fees will be used to reward players on the leaderboard and 2/4 will be used to pay the salaries of the pulsar team.
We will not use deposit fees for buyback unless it can make a real difference. Assume that we hold $100k from deposit fees, and the market cap of GPUL dropped from $100k to $10k. In a scenario like this, we can simply spend 1/10 of our deposit fees to burn all the tokens on the market and stop any sell pressure. In other words, we will only perform buyback and burn when we can do a big change with a relatively small buyback amount.

2- Transfer Tax

Every transaction with our native tokens will have a transfer tax; GPUL (7% burn + 1% reflect), GBNT (8% burn). This will help us fight inflation and the bots trying to swing trade. 100% of transfer tax will be burned automatically. Our team will not take any profits from transfer tax.
  • Reflected amount from GPUL will be sent to leader board reward pool
Transactions include:
  • Adding/removing liquidity with GBNT and/or GPUL
  • Selling/buying GBNT or GPUL
  • Sending GBNT or GPUL
  • Staking and unstaking GBNT or GPUL
  • Harvesting/Compounding GBNT or GPUL
*Once you have a native LP, it is not affected from transfer tax. For example, when you stake/unstake a GPUL/MATIC LP, it is not subjected to any taxes or fees.
*Non-native tokens are not affected by transfer tax

3- NFT Character and Pet Sales

You will be able to buy a Pulsarian Bounty Hunter character in our project. This character will be necessary to complete missions and earn GBNT. Each time a character is sold, we will automatically burn 100% of the payment.
Similarly, to engage in PvP, you will need to buy a pet paying GBNT. Each time a pet is sold, we will automatically burn 100% of the payment.
Our new game, Polygalactic Hunter, will require you to buy a female hunter paying GBNT. 100% of tThis payment will be automatically burned like others.
Our team will not take any profits from character and pet sales.

4- Bounty Hunter Missions

Players who own an NFT character will be able to play missions to earn Bounty Tokens. Each mission will have a different Gamma Pulsar cost to play, and each time a mission is played, we will automatically burn 100% of the payment. Our team will not take any profits from character sales.

5- Polygalactic Hunter Missions

Polygalactic hunter will allow players to use their GBNTs to earn other tokens. The GBNTs used in launchpad missions will be burned. The GBNT collected from other missions will be used for partnerships to bring you more token pairs.

6- PvP matches in PulsArena

Each time a PvP match happens, a portion of the reward pot is cut and burned automatically.

7- NFT Art Sales (After Launch)

We have finished developing NFT art marketplace, but we have decided to postpone this feature because Pulsar project is not widely recognized, and you cannot sell our NFTs in other platforms yet. For this reason, we do not want to sell products which cannot be traded anywhere in the market. When we manage to create a secondary marketplace, this feature will be activated and 100% of the Gamma Pulsar tokens from NFT art sales will be burned. Our team will not take any profits from NFT art sales.

8- NFT Item Sales (After Launch)

After launching gamma we will develop a secondary marketplace and NFT items. These items will be tradable on our marketplace and comissions cut during the trade will be burned.

9- Utility NFT Sales (Layer End)

*This feature will only be activated if Gamma layer cannot be sustained, or we have to launch a new layer due to many new features which cannot be implemented in Gamma Layer.
One of our strengths is our desire and ability to mint original ideas into NFTs. Users will be able to buy Pulsar themed NFTs from our marketplace to receive Delta Pulsar tokens for the next project. These NFTs will function as a pre-sale for the next project we will create. Delta NFT sales will require GPUL/MATIC and GBNT/MATIC LPs. All the natives will be burned and the Matic will be reserved for the liquidity, marketing and audits of the next layer. Our team will not take any profits from NFT sales. Price of the utility NFTs will be determined later depending on the inflation of GPUL and GBNT.