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Layered Farming

Layered Projects

Layered project is a system built in our farms to prevent the investors from losing all their funds in the case of a dump. Majority of the yield farms die in hours or in days at best. We are trying to build a farm which will last forever; however, achieving this goal is not easy and will take time. And until we achieve that, we will share the same destiny like many other dying projects. This is why we came up with the layered project model to protect our investors in the case of a dump. When a layer fails, our investors will have the chance to move to the next one and recover their losses and even make profit.
Why did we adopt layered farming
There are many reasons we have adopted this model. Some of them are as follows:
1- Testing the contracts: Our dream is to create a open world, sandbox MMORPG game on blockchain. However, there are so many things which can go wrong with a big idea like this. This is why it is safer and easier to create the project in layers where we can test each piece of the game and make sure they all work fine. If there are any bugs with the contracts, they can be localized and fixed without affecting the whole ecosystem.
2- Community feedback: As we launch each layer with new features, we can observe how people interact with our products. This gives us valuable information on how to develop and change our games.
3- Funding: It is very expensive to hire Devs and designers to create a big project like ours. Working in layers can provide necessary funding to ensure the continued development of our products.
4- Hardships of reviving a dead project: The market is full of dead projects with promises never delivered. People have no patience for long term goals, making a project like ours hard to finish. Even if we could deliver in the end, it is very likely that people would not be interested in a project which died months ago. It is much easier to start a new project than reviving an old one.
Layered project model helps us achieve the points above without abandoning our early investors with their losses. With each layered delivered, we can also build up a community who enjoys play to earn model.
Layered farming has failed before. Why do you think layered projects would work?
It is true that layered farming has not created extra value and failed, but it is not exactly the same thing we are trying to achieve with our model. Each layered project is an improved version of its predecessor. Alpha only had an NFT marketplace while Beta contains PvE and PvP features. If there is a Gamma, there will be other innovative features. Since each project is better than the previous ones, it has the potential to attract more and more investors.
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