Gamma Polypulsar
🕹️ PulsArena (PvP)
Pulsarena is our first PVP game where we enable players to interact with each other using NFT pets. Now, you will be able to spend your Gamma Bounty (GBNT) earnings to have fun and extra income on Pulsaria! The arena on Polygon is enhanced with extra rewards. Now, 1% of every GPUL transaction will be sent to reward pool for the top 20 players in the leaderboard. Moreover, we will be giving other tokens including USDC rewards as an additional reward to increase the competition.

Pet Shop

Players will be able to buy alien pets with their GBNT earnings. These pets will be used in the arena to fight other players. The pictures of the pets below will evolve as you win more matches making your pet stronger.

Pulsarena PvP

Pet owners will be able to have a 1v1 fight in the arena. Each player has to pay an amount of GBNT to fight each other. The winner will receive the pot after the transfer tax is cut.
The default fight mechanics are as following;
  • You have 50% chance to lose and win. If you win, you get the GBNT of the other player. If you lose, you have two possible scenarios; 50% chance of survival and 50% chance of death.
  • If your pet dies in arena, your score in the leaderboard is deleted and your pet is sent to the dead address.
  • Players will need make sure that they are among the top players at the end of each day in order to receive extra rewards.
  • When the rewards are distributed, scores of top 20 players are reset and a new competition begins for the next prize distribution.
  • Your pet becomes slightly stronger as s/he gets more wins.
Default chances change as you win matches to upgrade the rarity of your pet. Each win provides a small boost to your win chance. For example, a pet with 1 win would have 0.49 more chance to win compared to a pet win no wins. This boost, however, is not fixed and you will get less bonus chance to win with each consecutive win. If your opponent has the same number of wins, it would be 50/50 win or loss. Check the table below for some details:
Win chances against a new pet
The boost for winning chance is hardcapped to 6%. This means that if you have a legendary pet, you will have a win chance of 56% against a new pet.

Pet Profile

As you win matches, your pet will evolve and look much better. You will be able to name them as well, so people in the leader board will be visible with their names and pets. Check the legendary pet down below;
Legendary Crassus


There are six types of rooms which starts a random matchmaking process. Your pet cannot go out of the room once you enter. Rooms with burn emojis gives you a better score compared to the GBNT you spend, but they reward you only with the amount you paid to get into that room.
Once you find an opponent you will see a matchmaking button. The same button is also visible to your opponent. After this button is activated by one of the players, the fight takes place. You can see the results from the top left corned.

Leaderboard Rewards

Top players in the leaderboard will be calculated according to scores they earned from each fight. There will be two elements for the calculation of scores;
1- Bounty Bet: Rooms will ask you to bet different amounts of GBNT tokens. Scores will be calculated proportionally to the GBNT you bet. Each room will show you how much score you would get if you win.
2- The losing pet has a 50% chance to survive or die. If you are the winner and killed your opponent, you will get 50% more score than the normal amount.
Players in the leaderboard will get many types of rewards; GPUL and USDC are the most basic ones. After the reward distribution, scores for top 20 will be reset. The players who could not get into top 20 will keep their scores for the next competition. Your pets' progress will not be reset after prize distribution.