Gamma Polypulsar
Gamma Bounty (GBNT)
Gamma Bounty Token (GBNT)
Token Details:
  • Ticker: Gamma Bounty Token
  • Contract address: 0x8c9aAcA6e712e2193acCCbAC1a024e09Fb226E51
  • Chain: Polygon
  • Initial supply: 1000
  • Initial price: $0.005
  • Max Supply: Unlimited
Emission Rate:
GBNT will not have a fixed emission rate. This token will be extremely rare and valuable and it can only be earned with a Play to Earn model.
There are two sources to earn GBNT:
1- Buying an NFT character and playing Bounty Hunter missions which would reward you GBNT after successful completion. Both the NFT character and the missions require Gamma Pulsar (GPUL) as payment.
2- As you complete missions with your NFT character, you will level up. If you can reach 100 level, your character will earn the right to retire and start receiving GBNT tokens as pension. If you wish, you can continue playing missions with your retired character. Why GBNT is valuable? Firstly, GBNT will be highly valued in our farm because its inflation will be low; therefore, GBNT/MATIC pair is likely to offer the highest APR. Secondly, the Polygalactic Hunter game will mainly require GBNT to earn other tokens from our partner projects. Lastly, GBNT will be used in PvP to earn great rewards from the leaderboard.
We will not mint any GBNT for the team, and we will not have any alternative ways to acquire it other than playing the game as everybody else.
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